Al Capone's Den


2-8 Players

Difficulty: 7 / 10

Al Capone, the fearless leader of the criminal syndicate known as the ‘Chicago Outfit’, has been illegally supplying alcohol to Chicagoans during the Prohibition. He has been able to elude criminal charges thanks to his alliance with Chicago’s Mayor, William Hale Thompson, and his cronies.

You are the lead FBI agent tasked with uncovering evidence that will incriminate Capone for violating the federal Prohibition Law through the sale of booze and end his reign. You and your team of agents must infiltrate the Big Fellow's Chicago apartment while he is out with his right-hand man, ‘Machine Gun’ Jack McGurn at the Green Mill Lounge, one of Al Capone’s favorite haunts.


Your Mission: You have 60 minutes to find evidence of his bootlegging operations before Al Capone and Machine Gun Jack return with tommy guns in hand – and they will show no mercy upon finding you on the premises. Good Luck!